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Mikovs’s primary businesses focus in following key areas: Oil-injected Rotary Screw Compressors (Fixed Speed and Variable Speed; normal and low pressure), Oil free Screw Air Compressors ( Scroll type, dry type, water- lubricate type), Energy Saving Screw Air Compressor (PM VSD Screw Air Compressor, Two stage Screw Air Compressor, Scroll Screw Air Compressor), Portable Screw Air Compressors, (Electric motor Powered), Air treatment equipment (Air Dryers, Air Filters and Air Receiver Tank) We offer a range of pre-designed products​ and services designed to streamline air compressors supply chains and grow profits.

For any market or industry, one call brings it all! From research and development to complex custom package design​, we are ready to help you package more profit.

Mikvos Air Compressor

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We understand that small entrepreneurs may need a little extra time and a helping hand to fully explore their options. Roetell has experienced success in previous cases, which is truly inspiring and shows what you can achieve for your products, brand and bottom line.

  • Wholesaler - United Kingdom

    "Found the service to be very good indeed. Melissa helped me through with the process from start to finish with a fair quote and up to date information on the order. A positive experience."

    Wholesaler - United Kingdom

  • Mikvos - Germany

    "You are so helpful!! Thank you! I really appreciate you working with me helping me get a good price. Looking forward to receiving the samples."

    Mikvos - Germany

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Our Factory

Our Factory High-precision production of the rotor of the screw head.

The important part of the air compressor is the screw head, and the important parts of the screw head are the active rotor (male rotor) and the driven rotor (female rotor). Under the action of lubricating oil, the two rotors can drive each other. During the rotation of the rotor, the volume of the working cavity formed by the cogging and the casing changes from large to small, thereby realizing gas compression.

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The TrendsLab

color spray design center

New glass design projects need to reach the market not only with exceptional packaging, but also on time and within budget.

We have our own independent sheet metal spraying workshop, which supports the customization of any color and makes the products more diversified

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Coating design


Advocate sustainable development and attach importance to environmental protection

Continuously innovative design, produce VSD, PM VSD type air compressors, the energy saving effect is as high as 30%-45%!And proposes and continuously promotes waste heat recovery projects to make the best use of materials, energy saving and consumption reduction,protect environment.

Our Sustainability
All above, is a strong history of growth

All above, is a strong history of growth

Since 2002, the Mikovs brand has officially entered China with German technology, serving the mid-to-high-end and supporting industry markets. Later, we transformed into a real air compressor manufacturing giant. Over the past 20 years, Mikovd has grown into a leader in China's air compressor industry. We look forward to the next milestone.

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With our professional products, energy-efficient and reliable compressed air solutions, perfect distribution network and long- term value-added service, we have win the trust and satisfactions from the customer all over the world.

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