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The best air compressor manufacturers featuring a multi-language,custom finishes,logos,sheet metal,work clothes and configurantion supply chain.

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Self-Owned air compressor Factory

Our custom air compressor options are developed in our modern air compressor plant which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.

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We offer free air compressor samples to help you affirm your decision to invest in our quality air compressor options and make the bulk purchase.

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Can't find a compressed air solution suitable for your industry?

All our products are designed for reliable performance, easy maintenance and maximum energy efficiency. Over the years, our mikovs brand compressors have adopted industry-leading technical standards.

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If you need anything, I am at your service.


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If you need anything, I am at your service.

Company introduction

Our air compressors are the most energy efficient in the world, and we only produce the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly air compressors.We have water lubricated screw compressor and and PM VSD screw compresoor.



















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Air compressor energy efficiency testing room

Air compressor energy efficiency testing room >>

All of our machines have passed the European standard EN 1012-1 : 1996 with British Standard High efficiency and energy saving double stage air end The latest generation of efficient XA series rotor type line High precision filtration separation system

Whole machine test area

Whole machine test area >>

We have the most professional testing laboratory in the world, and our technicians have been engaged in the air compressor industry for more than 30 years, all of whom are highly educated

New Product

New Product >>

With the unremitting pursuit of the design concept, we develop newer and more practical air compressors every quarter. We have our own independent design and development department, 5 experienced RD engineers, and regularly design better air compressors according to different market demands.

Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly >>

As the production mode of the low-carbon industry has gradually become a trend, it has penetrated into the production of modern enterprises. High-quality and high-efficiency products are based on high-quality products, which are in line with the production process of environmental protection and energy saving, and reduce the discharge of waste and harmful substances. The exploration of the carbon model has made high-quality and high-efficiency environmentally friendly variable frequency air compressor products for our customers, which meets the high standards of users and realizes the ideal of win-win. The inverter air compressor has high efficiency, which is more conducive to energy saving and environmental protection; stable operation, small airflow pulsation, small torque change, long life; long compression process, small pressure difference between adjacent compression chambers, small leakage, and higher efficiency.

Company introduction

We are a professional air compressor manufacturer. We have factories both in Guangzhou city and Shanghai City, covering an area of over 27000 square meters, with a production capacity of 6000 sets air compressors monthly with 6 assembling lines and skilled technicians more than 200. Mikovs compressor integrates R&D, design, manufacturing and sales. The air compressor categories…



















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With our professional products, energy-efficient and reliable compressed air solutions, perfect distribution network and long- term value-added service, we have win the trust and satisfactions from the customer all over the world.

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